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This list is updated regularly to make sure it represents the latest techniques that go into making a Hide & Valor product.
I've built relationships with some of my favorite companies on this list. As a result, using some of these links support what I do at no cost to you. Greatly appreciate your support!


Shopify is the e-commerce platform that I decided to use for selling my leather products on. It's very easy to act as administrator on it since it's a one stop shop for everything I need. I'll admit that the plug-ins are expensive but if you don't need too many plugins, it's a great platform to get started quickly.



The Shopify theme that powers this website is from OutOfTheSandBox and is called the Portland Turbo Theme. I love the incredible ease with how the theme works when customizing. It's very intuitive. They also have regular theme updates that you get for free perpetually once you've purchased. I will forever only use themes from OutOfTheSandBox.

OutOfTheSandbox - Turbo Theme