Card Sleeve + Cash Holder // Saddle Tan

This minimalist card sleeve with cash holder aims to simplify your main everyday carry wallet. It can hold up to 6 cards in the card slot and has a thumb hole for quick access. The cash holder can hold a few folded bills which don't slip out since the bills are pinched between the taught leather. 

The low profile of the wallet makes it so that it's not bulky in your pockets. Every part of this piece is finished to avoid staining your pockets after continuous use. Reduce the clutter and make this your main wallet!

Specifications / Features

  • 2/3 oz premium grade A Hermann Oak leather
  • Low profile waxed German thread
  • 100% handmade / hand stitched
  • Can hold up to 6 cards in the card slot
  • Can hold several folded bills in the cash holder
  • Thumb hole for quick card access