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Set Of 3 Luggage Tags


Since 2014, I've created thousands of luggage tags and have incrementally made a lot of upgrades. Listed here is the latest iteration of that effort.

If you want to secure your luggage for yourself and/or your family, then look no further!

Don't just be another random luggage on the carousel - it could look like many others.

Help the TSA be able to quickly identify your luggage in the event that it gets misplaced.

If you're worried about revealing too much information, simply put only your name, email address, and phone number.

Each tag is carefully engraved with your inscription - you can have a different inscription for each tag!

Get your own personalized set of luggage tags today! I don't think you'll be disappointed. 


  • Select attachment type
  • Enter engraving for each line in the provided space
  • Leave a line blank if you intentionally want it blank
  • Allowed characters
    • [A-Z] [0-9] & | @ # ( ) + - ? / : . , ' °


  • 100% handmade
  • Full grain vegetable tan Hermann Oak leather made in USA
  • Painted edges and beeswax 
  • Carnauba cream finish to resist water and dirt


These tags are made from 8/9oz full grain Hermann Oak leather. That's equivalent to 35 dollar bills stacked on top of each other. I checked.


You get the option of 4 different attachment types to cater to whatever style you want:

  • Leather strap with silver grommet
  • Gold wire cable & grommet
  • Gun metal wire cable & grommet
  • Silver metal wire cable & grommet (most popular)


The face of the luggage tag is stained a saddle tan color which highlights the embossed letters, making them stand out a lot. Once the stain dries fully, the face is covered with carnauba cream for better water resistance.

The edges are painted a Havana Cigar color and heated with beeswax that act as a sealant against grime.

Larger Quantities

Have a larger order? Please feel free to contact me at to discuss discounts and timelines.

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